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About Us

Allsup Employment Services turns hopes for future work into real-life victories. With decades of expertise, we help customers get all they can from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Ticket to Work.

  • 310k+

    people have secured SSDI benefits with our help

  • 700+

    individuals have made the transition back to work

  • 30+

    years’ experience is here to support your goals too

Approved for Ticket to Work

Allsup Employment Services is approved by the Social Security Administration as an Employment Network for Ticket to Work. We offer resources and services designed to help SSDI recipients take full advantage of the incentives and support that are available to them when they return to work.


We help people gain more from SSDI and from life.

Allsup Employment Services was launched by Allsup, an SSDI representation firm. This relationship gives us an intimate understanding of the complexity within the Social Security Administration. It also makes us aware of how a medical condition can create shock-waves across all aspects of life; not just work. The result is compassionate and technical expertise that isn’t matched by any other Employment Network.

At Allsup Employment Services, we believe our customers deserve the chance to find fulfilling employment again. We empathize with what they’ve gone through, and want to help them gain all they can from SSDI and life. When that includes going back to work, we’re here, from our first contact by phone to that first day back at work – and beyond.

Our Corporate Family

  • Allsup is the parent company of Allsup Employment Services and sister company True Help. Allsup assists businesses, helping them coordinate SSDI with other benefits.

  • Allsup Employment Services focuses on helping individuals take full advantage of Ticket to Work, an SSDI benefit that supports recipients who are ready to try working again.

  • True Help lives up to its name, assisting individuals with general SSDI needs throughout the entire process: applying, appeals, approvals, and getting set up for benefits.

A message from Our President

Hello and welcome! You will find our team of return to work specialists provides a very helpful service that is unlike any other. We know it can feel overwhelming to consider returning to work after being on disability. However, this program really does protect your benefit and allows you to try to return to work risk free. When you reach out to us, you’ll find real people on the phone, ready to listen. We use our 35 years of experience to your advantage. Thousands of individuals have trusted us to be there, on their side. Just give us a call to get started: (866) 540-5105.

Rich Plass, President

Join Allsup Employment Services

If you aren't daunted by complexity and you passion is helping others, your dream job could be with Allsup Employment Services. We're a compassionate organization with decades-deep roots in the Social Security Disability landscape, offering generous benefits and opportunities for career growth. We hope your search for what comes next is a success.

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