Keep Your SSDI Benefits While You Work Full Time

Learn more about the incredible financial value of the Ticket to Work program (TTW), and how our experts can help you get started for free. If you’re currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you can protect your SSDI and Medicare benefits while working.

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Our Story

Allsup Employment Services is approved by the Social Security Administration as an Employment Network for Ticket to Work. We offer resources and services designed to help SSDI recipients take full advantage of the incentives and support that are available to them when they return to work.


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We help people gain more from SSDI and from life.

At Allsup Employment Services, we believe our customers deserve the chance to find fulfilling employment again. We empathize with what they’ve gone through, and want to help them gain all they can from SSDI and life. When that includes going back to work, we’re here, from our first contact by phone to that first day back at work – and beyond.

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Our Corporate Family


Social Security Disability Advocates

Allsup is the parent company of Allsup Employment Services. Allsup assists individuals and organizations to receive and coordinate SSDI with other benefits. 

Employment Services

Allsup Employment Services focuses on helping individuals take full advantage of Ticket to Work, an SSDI benefit that supports recipients who are ready to try working again.

Group Benefits Coordination Services

Allsup, LLC is the nation’s premier disability representation company® and demonstrates industry-leading results, superior customer service, secure and sophisticated information systems, and expert knowledge of Social Security and Medicare.

Company Timeline

Take a look at some of our milestone achievements, and learn how we became the company we are today.