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What is an

An Employment Network (EN) is an organization that enters into an agreement with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide services to individuals like you. Allsup Employment Services is an SSA-approved EN and is listed in their national directory.

Return to Work

After a devastating health issue, work can be a part of your life again. Finding fulfilling employment is possible and Allsup Employment Services can help. Our services are free and available when you’re ready.

You can go back to work with SSDI and reclaim your financial future. The Ticket to Work program protects your SSDI and Medicare benefits as you attempt a return to work. To benefit from Ticket to Work, you need to use a Social Security-approved Employment Network like Allsup Employment Services. Let us guide you each step along the way.

Give us a call at (866) 540-5105.

How Allsup Employment Services Supports You

Once you contact Allsup Employment Services, we can help you in several ways. Our team works to make sure you understand how the Ticket to Work program can improve your financial future and how to access all the incentives available to you. Some incentives protect your SSDI and Medicare benefits, while other incentives help you continue on the path to working full time. Most importantly, we want to help you protect your access to your SSDI benefits as you begin your return to work.

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Getting Ready & Learning More

Learn how you can work and still receive your SSDI benefits through the Ticket to Work program.

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Finding A Job & Going To Work

Receive guidance and coaching on finding and maintaining employment for your financial future.

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Meeting Social Security’s Rules

We help with reporting your earnings and maintaining your Ticket with Social Security for your benefits protection.

Going back to work is worth so much more...

Along with these program incentives, there are important personal rewards that you can experience returning to work. These include the ability to:

  • Raise your income even higher
  • Retrieve an important part of who you are through your work
  • Discover purpose in your day and build connections
  • Provide vital security for your future
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What Our Customers Are Saying

I had a great experience working with my [AES] caseworker. She is informative, polite and positive. Everyone I spoke with at Allsup [Employment Services] was upbeat, polite and helpful. They help you put together a professional resume and offer to help you prepare for your interview. I already had a job that I was interested in…and I am looking forward to the future.


from Illinois

Thank you for all your help and support thus far. I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling for Ticket to Work and getting back into the workforce once again.


from California

This firm has been a Godsend in so many ways. First, by getting me through a successful Social Security administrative hearing and fully favorable judgement. Next by helping me examine the possibilities for return to work.


from Florida