September 15, 2022

A Remote Work Model Challenges Employers and Employees – As Featured by Forbes

An Allsup Employment Services (AES) expert discusses the challenges and opportunities people with disabilities face when working from home (WFH). The shift to WFH was unavoidable with the coronavirus pandemic. While this was a necessary step throughout the U.S. and globally, it ushered in both benefits and disadvantages.

Many individuals with disabilities who return to work with the help of AES have remote work schedules. For them, this is positive as it provides them with important accommodations. However, research suggests that working remotely can be isolating, tiring and a hinderance to work life balance. The WFH schedule can also negatively impact an employer’s company culture.

Our AES expert offers recommendations, such as communicating more effectively and reinforcing company values, to help avoid employee burnout and maintain the organization’s culture.

Click here to read the full article in Forbes, “A Remote Work Model Challenges Employers and Employees.”


Written by

Diane Winiarski