April 27, 2021

Employee Self-Advocacy: How To Talk To Your Employer About Your Disability – As Featured By Forbes

Individuals with disabilities or serious illnesses often find it difficult to discuss their condition with their employer. Advocating for yourself about your needs or special accommodations in the workplace is very important, an Allsup Employment Services (AES) expert explains.

Self-advocacy starts with initiative and self-confidence. By talking to your employer about your needs, you will have a much better opportunity to reach an agreement that will help you be more effective at your job. It’s important to freely express any challenges you face with your disability or illness so your employer has a full understanding and can work with you to address your concerns.

AES recommends starting these important conversations with your immediate supervisor, followed by Human Resources if necessary. Support your request, even if as simple as a flexible schedule, with medical documentation that further explains your needs.

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