How It Works

Ticket to Work can be complicated, just like applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Fortunately, you don’t have to figure things out on your own. Allsup Employment Services is here to help and our services cost you nothing.

The Basics of Ticket To Work

  • WHO

    People on SSDI are automatically approved for Ticket to Work.

  • WHAT

    It’s a safety net that protects SSDI benefits as you try working again.

  • WHEN

    Ticket to Work is there waiting for you, whenever you’re ready.


    If you live in the United States, you have access to Ticket to Work.

  • WHY

    It costs you nothing and supports you for as long as 9 years.

  • HOW

    You choose an Employment Network like us to help guide you.

As long as you’re on SSDI and not scheduled for a Continuous Disability Review, we can help.

Call us if:

  • You plan to work once recovered
  • You’ve just been awarded SSDI
  • You’ve been on SSDI for years
  • You’re starting a new job soon
  • You’re already back to work again

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Ticket to Work in 7 Steps

Here's what happens when you go back to work with Allsup Employment Services and Ticket to Work.

  • 1. Get yourself approved for SSDI.

    If you’re not on SSDI, get help with your application or appeals from the experts at Allsup. Take their free assessment to get started.

  • 2. Tell us about your situation.

    You’ll talk with one of our experts by phone about your current situation and plans for the future. They’ll ask about your condition, how soon you’d like to work, what you’d like to do, and more.

  • 3. Create your Individual Work Plan.

    This is an official form and your roadmap for going back to work. It includes history, job type, goals, and your choice for Employment Network. We fill everything out; you review and sign.

  • 4. Assign your Ticket to Work.

    Once you sign your Individual Work Plan, we use the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work portal to assign your ticket. This step is what makes you working with us official.

  • 5. Explore your work options.

    If you’d like help searching for a job, we’ll support you with coaching and get you started with resume building tips, links to job search websites and more. As you search, you’ll keep a log.

  • 6. Stay on track with check-ins.

    While you’re unemployed, we’ll check in monthly to see if you need anything. We’ll be closely connected with you and send wage reports to the SSA for you.

  • 7. Focus on work and keep benefits.

    You’ll have our support and SSDI benefits protection through the Ticket to Work program for up to 9 years. If you have a medical setback, just call. If things are going well, enjoy your success.

Our services cost you NOTHING

Federal funds pay our fees, because we’re approved by the SSA to assist you with Ticket to Work by:

  • Translating complicated language
  • Setting up your SSDI safety net
  • Sending in all Ticket to Work forms

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