November 18, 2022

Fact or Fiction? Setting the Record Straight about SSDI and Work

Uncertainty is everywhere, but some things really remain consistent. The value of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for U.S. workers and return-to-work help from Allsup Employment Services (AES) are two constants.

Many people aren’t familiar with these programs, so the facts behind these vital benefits are often misunderstood.

When former workers get approval for benefits – SSDI brings needed monthly income to former workers and their dependents. Then with that financial backstop, people with disabilities are better equipped to deal with their medical treatment and, if they are medically able, they can consider a return to work through Social Security’s Ticket to Work program.

Four myths about these benefits:

 1) Myth: It’s almost impossible to be approved for SSDI benefits.

Getting the green light for SSDI benefits can take much longer than we expect, but these vital benefits are given to tens of thousands of deserving individuals every year. With the help of an expert disability representative like Allsup, the process is more streamlined and efficient. Learn more here.

2) Myth: The Ticket to Work (TTW) program is too good to be true. I know if I go to work again, I’ll lose out.

The truth is, your benefits will be protected, and AES offers you free assistance to try using your Ticket to Work. You get expert support with returning to work, plus guidance in using the incentives and continuing to access SSDI income and Medicare coverage. These protections can add up to more than seven years of safety for your work attempt. Learn more at

3) Myth: Unemployment has been high, so there’s no way I can get a job.

While unemployment increased during and after the pandemic, and individuals with disabilities have been disproportionately affected, good jobs are available. A Social Security-authorized Employment Network (EN) like AES provides career counseling, job placement and ongoing support. AES specialists also can help you coordinate with an employer to secure accommodations, such as remote work and a flexible schedule. 

4) Myth: If I decide to go back to work, I have to do the same job I did before I started receiving disability benefits.

Individuals returning to work do not have to go back to the same job before disability stopped them from working. If your disability requires a different type of job, or you would prefer to work in a new industry, you can work with AES to learn about various options. AES experts also can help you identify the necessary training, workshops or tutorials in your area to ensure you’re set up for success.

Learn how to take your first steps toward returning to work, including how your benefits are protected, by calling us at 866-540-5105 or request a call.


Written by

Diane Winiarski