January 30, 2024

The Hidden Costs of Cancer: NewsNation Now TV Highlights Economic Challenges

National broadcast highlights the path to post-cancer financial security and employment

The Hidden Costs of Cancer: NewsNation Now TV Highlights Economic Challenges

The battle against cancer is arduous, but the victory can lead to an unexpected journey filled with financial and employment hurdles. NewsNation Now brings to light the story of resilience and determination, offering a roadmap for cancer survivors navigating the complexities of financial security and reintegration into the workforce.

In the heart of central North Carolina, Verna Boyd known for her infectious optimism, faced her greatest challenge yet. March 2021 marked a life-altering period when she, alongside her mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their triumph over the disease was just the beginning of a new chapter filled with obstacles.

Post-recovery, the daunting task of securing financial stability emerged. The intricacies of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) became a crucial step in her journey, eventually leading to a successful claim that provided a much-needed foundation for her and her family. This victory was not just about financial aid; it was about reclaiming her life and aspirations.

Navigating The Employment Landscape After Cancer

This narrative is not unique. Many survivors face significant challenges when attempting to re-enter the job market, with unemployment rates for this group alarmingly higher than average. However, through the support of the Ticket to Work program and the guidance of Allsup Employment Services, she found her way back to meaningful employment, securing a position that not only recognized her value but also her need for flexibility and understanding.

The combination of SSDI and the Ticket to Work program serves as a critical support system for over 159 million American workers, offering a safety net for those facing severe, career-interrupting disabilities. The journey to SSDI approval, while complex, is achievable with persistence and the right resources. Together with the Ticket to Work program, it provides a seamless transition back into the workforce, ensuring the retention of essential benefits.

Despite the challenges, nearly 70% of SSDI beneficiaries are unaware of these invaluable programs. For those questioning their ability to work post-cancer and how to navigate the SSDI application process – this story serves as a powerful example of what is possible with determination and the right support.

Today, Verna’s advocacy goes beyond her personal achievements. She is dedicated to educating others about the importance of health awareness, including breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and more, emphasizing that life beyond cancer can be fulfilling and productive.

For a deeper dive into this inspiring journey, tune into NewsNation Now’s feature, “Overcoming Post-Cancer Economic Challenges: A Survivor’s Guide to Financial Security and Employment.”

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