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Your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) includes Ticket to Work, a program that supports going back to work. You’re able to keep your SSDI benefits and be employed at the same time. Our experts can get you started.


4 Facts About Ticket to Work

  • It’s included.

    When you’re on SSDI, you’re automatically eligible for Ticket to Work.

  • It’s valuable.

    Ticket to Work protects SSDI benefits while you try working again.

  • It’s complex.

    To take full advantage of Ticket to Work, you have to use an Employment Network.

  • It’s selective.

    We’re a Social Security-approved Employment Network for Ticket to Work.

Benefits for You

  • Pay Nothing

    We’re an Employment Network so our Ticket to Work services are paid by the SSA.

  • Earn More

    Make as much money as you want in year 1 and keep full SSDI benefits.

  • Avoid Risk

    If you stop working your SSDI benefits will start again; no need to re-apply.

  • Stay Covered

    When you go back to work, you can stay on Medicare for up to 9 years.

  • Stress Less

    Going back to work with our help means no more Continuous Disability Reviews.

How We Help You Return to Work

  • Teaching You About Ticket to Work

    Rely on our expertise as an SSA-approved Employment Network to learn everything you need to know about SSDI, Ticket to Work, and how to take full advantage of your benefits.

  • Supporting Your Search for a Job

    Figure out what kind of job is a match for your work experience, talents and skills, and current abilities. Then search and land your ideal job, all with support from our team.

  • Coaching You Through What’s New

    Set yourself up for success, starting at your first day back at work. We can make your transition easier and less stressful through our guidance, encouragement, and access to resources.

  • Keeping SSDI Benefits Safe as You Work

    We’ll ensure all your return to work forms are filed with the SSA, to keep you in good standing with the Ticket to Work program and keep your SSDI benefits in place.

Ready to talk more about SSDI and work?

Call now or request a call from us. We’ll give you all the details about Ticket to Work, advantages we offer as an Employment Network, where you’ll start, and more.

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Customer Comments

  • This firm has been a Godsend in so many ways. First, by getting me through a successful Social Security administrative hearing and fully favorable judgment. Next by helping me examine the possibilities for return to work.
    - Russell, from Florida
  • Thank you for all your help and support thus far. I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling for Ticket to Work and getting back into the workforce once again.
    - Richard, from California