January 29, 2021

Managing Personal Expectations When Returning To Work – As Featured By Forbes

Returning to work can be very challenging after suffering from a disability or serious illness. Just think how hard it can be to get back to work after a long vacation. Allsup Employment Services (AES) helps SSDI beneficiaries return to work when they are medically able.  Our AES expert highlights several ways to make this transition a little less difficult.

It’s important to have support from trusted resources while you begin the process to ease back into working. Community organizations, support groups and mental health experts can be a source of encouragement and helpful advice. It’s easy to be discouraged, so AES recommends starting slow and tapping into these resources. Volunteering can also be a good way to build confidence after a lengthy absence.

Managing your expectations about what you can and cannot handle physically and mentally is vital.

AES case managers can help you identify your strengths, set realistic goals and develop transferable skills. 

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